Your Unique Beauty: Body Proportions & Why It’s Useful to Know Them


Don’t let the title scare you, we’re not trying to bring back that 80’s style messaging of hard do’s & don’t’s for Women’s body shape styling

Here at Velvety, we want you to truly own your fashion style. Your look relies on, well, how you look and we want you to remember that YOUR opinion of what you look and feel like is what matters the very most. 

In order to own your look, take a look at yourself first before anyone else can give their two cents. Give yourself time to get to know your own body and then you can get creative dressing that bangin’ bod from there. 

It’s time to champion your visual uniqueness!


Get to Know Yourself

Consider this the first lesson in learning to love yourself. Your body is unique, and you are too! With that said, there are specific proportions of your body that reveal your visual uniqueness. Once you know yours, you can use garment shapes as a guide for dressing according to your chosen look. You can shop with more ease and less frustration. Feeling truly beautiful comes from the inside out!


Body Proportions, but Compared to What?

 So in order to explore our own visual uniqueness, we’ll need to have some sort of benchmark or “normal” if you want to call it that. We’ll give you ours and let you explore from there!

In general, if your body is in proportion, the distance between your head and your hips would be the same as the distance between your hips and your feet. Take a moment to grab measuring tape or a yardstick of some sort. Not into numbers? Look at yourself in a full length mirror. If the end of your fingers reach the middle of your thighs, it means that your body is in a normal proportion with your torso and extremities. 

If not? Firstly, don’t freak, you’re not one. You’re you and that’s the most important. Secondly, let’s consider some guidance if you want to change the look of your bodily proportions. 


Find your Ultimate Look 


Take a look at your neck, do you think it’s thin & long or wide & short? It could be a combination of these characteristics! You can measure it to be sure and if it’s less than 34cm it’s likely a thin and long neck.

Take a look at your torso, is the smallest part of your waist above or below your elbows? Dress for your body type by identifying your long or short torso.

Take a look at your crotch, yes I said it, does it sit above or below your wrists? And by how much? Dress for long or short legs.

Take a look at your bust, does it sit high or low and is it on the bigger or smaller side? Consider a guide to dress for your bust size.

Don’t stop there! Take a look at suggestions to discover the best dress shape for your body type. Finally, try it out! Find your perfect look and adorn yourself in eco clothing that suits your visual uniqueness too!


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