How To Style Long & Short Necks

A Guide by Velvety




To know if your neck is long and/or thin or short and/or wide follow the next advice:


You have a long and/or think neck:

If the circumference of your neck measures less than 34cm

You can wear any kind of collars and neckline garments, but it is recommended to wear them with volume.

Avoid v-neck lines that are wide open!

Accessories: You can wear them all.



You have a short and/or wide neck:

If your waist is above your elbows.

Wear all kinds of collars and v-neckline garments, including low necklines, open collars, and long lapel collars. 

Avoid high turtle necks with volume, boat necks, high shoulder pads, and very close collars, or wear them with an open button. 

Accessories: Wear long scarves with a vertical fall to achieve a vertical line.

Avoid adding jewellery (especially chokers) or complements with volume.