Sell At Velvety


We're passionate about changing the way we look at vegan fashion. At Velvety, you will find a selection of the world's most desirable, innovative and sustainable vegan fashion and lifestyle products.

We’re after brands that share and promote our values. Our standards are very high, and every product we sell has to be vegan, ethically made, sustainably made and pass our test of both aesthetics and ethics. 

Materials: Vegan only, it means, no silk, leather or wool.  For example, for clothing, organic cotton, linen, hemp, Tencel, plastic-free details, natural plant-based dyes. For accessories, Pinatex, apple leather, leaves leather, grape leather, cactus leather, recycled pvc or recycled material in general. You don’t need to be a vegan brand, but you do need to show us that the products you want to sell through our store are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Where it is made? We give priority to small ethical labels that produce their items in Australia, however if you work with your suppliers to ensure your workers are paid a living wage, are treated fairly and ethically, work in a safe and hygienic environment and you are able to show us that these factories have ethical labour accreditation, were happy to talk.

Packaging: We do not like plastic, so we will only accept suppliers that use the most sustainable packaging available, e.g. biodegradable, recycled, recycable, zero waste, or plastic free.


What can we do for you as a marketplace? 

We offer you the possibility to show your brand and sell your products to a new audience and to all our loyal Velvety customers. Generally, conscious customers looking for new ideas, materials and cruelty-free items. We do not only sell to vegans, but to a large variety of ethical customers interested in sustainability and green fashion. 

How it works?

Velvety is an online marketplaces/shop, a unique online platform based in Australia allowing you to offer and sell your products directly to our customers. The customer makes their purchase through our website, we then transfer the customer’s order and shipment details to you, and you then ship the products directly to the customer. For Shopify users, this process is a breeze!  We manage all customer communication and customer service, including returns.

What to do next?

If you're interested in finding out more, please fill up the next form and we will be back to you with all the relevant information to start selling with us.


What can we do for you as affiliates? 

You are a non-Australian brand and want to be featured at Velvety? We would love to introduce you to our readers using our powerful blog platform instead of promoting/selling your products directly at Velvety. This works as a discovery opportunity for you and offer us the opportunity to create amazing content for our readers. Send us an email to to discover more.