Velvety, Ethical, Vegan & Sustainable Fashion


Lorena Estelle's personal project, Velvety, was born out of a desire to provide sustainable and ethically made vegan fashion for both men and women in one convenient location. Over the course of 7 years, Velvety has become a go-to destination for ethical fashion brands from all over the world.

Recently, the project is transitioning to be come the number 1 marketplace & directory for vegan products and ethical & sustainable labels.




An online marketplace founded and managed by a vegan woman that loves to spend time with her dog Ollie, her special son and her wonderful partner in life!

At Velvety you can discover stylish and always cruelty free items such as clothing, handbags, accessories, beauty and our own handmade eco soy candles with the confidence of knowing that all our products are cruelty-free.

“Being vegan myself and knowing what was happening behind the meat and the fast fashion industry, I knew I had to do something to create change, help animals, help workers and show customers the truth by creating a movement, a store, a solution”.




We dream of a responsible, ethical, fair, sustainable, but also artistic lifestyle. 

We move away from the fast fashion, chasing trends and discarding ideas.


We focus on what doesn't perish,

what is beautiful and always will be,

which is held in the present but does not die in the future

nor is trapped in the past.


Most of the brands you will find at Velvety are 100% vegan, however, a minority of the brands that are part of our store are here because they share our ethical values even though 100% of their lines are not vegan.

As a vegan business, we have to make sure that all the products you can buy at Velvety are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but also that they are made in an ethical and sustainable way.


We Support Slow Fashion.

We Support Animals In Need.

Our commitment to slow fashion goes hand in hand with our dedication to supporting animals in need. We proudly stand with the #whomademyclothes movement and donate a percentage of our profits each year to various animal sanctuaries in Australia.


In short, Velvety exists to offer something that is rare-values, compassion and respect for animals, humans & the planet by promoting products that are vegan but at the same ethically made, fair trade certified + peta approved vegan when possible and also sustainable/eco-friendly.

Find more about our values and ethical fashion.

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 All our brands are committed to ethical and fair trade working practices, we choose from a carefully curated selection of ethically made products.

We only stock products and garments that are vegan & cruelty free!
The packaging we use at Velvety is made from biodegradable materials, mainly corn starch and cassava roots. It breaks down within 90 days in a compostable environment.

We stock most of the brands you can see online, however some of the items from our Australian based suppliers are sent directly from their end at no extra charge and you will always have access to all tracking numbers if you place an order that includes items from different suppliers.