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Velvety is an Ethical Marketplace with Slow Fashion Brands in Australia


Chances are you’ve been looking for a one-stop sustainable fashion marketplace, where you can buy your favourite pieces of clothing from different brands without having to double-check everything before you click “add to cart”.

Buying ethically is not always easy. Especially when it comes to sustainable online shopping.

It definitely takes more time and effort to be a conscious shopper than one that just buys anything without taking into consideration the impact on the environment, people and animals.

I’m sure you know this struggle. So thank you for caring about our planet! We hope that this post will help you make your ethical purchases easier and quicker. Keep reading to find out how.

Ethical Clothing Velvety

How To Buy Ethical Clothing

The internet is full of e-commerce fashion websites. If you want to buy ethically, you can take some time, do your own research for Australian ethical brands, and shop your clothes on 5 different websites. But most of us don’t have time for that.

There are many retailers and clothing marketplaces that sell different brands all in one shop, which makes the process easier and probably cheaper because you’ll only pay for shipping once. But there’s a problem with these fashion marketplaces: you have to check each product individually for its ethical standards. 

This ends up being even more time-consuming—many times you’ll end up with 27 open tabs and only buy one t-shirt.

That’s why we created Velvety: one of the few ethical online clothing stores that make the life of conscious consumers easier by offering a one-stop ethical fashion marketplace. At Velvety, 100% of the products you’ll find are vegan, cruelty-free and made ethically. 

No need to waste time doing endless research, because you can trust us and our brands. You can enjoy a shopping experience that’s easier and quicker, without a loss of ethics.

One-Stop Slow Fashion Marketplace for Eco-Friendly Clothing in Australia

spring look by Velvety's sustainable fashion brands

At Velvety, you can find all the best and most ethical fashion brands in Australia.

We believe that consumers have the power to make a change in the world by voting for the right brands with their money. We want to help these ethical brands succeed and consumers to choose them over fast fashion.

At Velvety, you can shop your values, because our values are the ones of ethical consumers like you.

We comply with all moral standards such as:


Our concept of sustainability includes not only the ecological aspect, but also the economic and social. For us, sustainability means focusing on using fewer resources, producing fewer emissions and relying on a sustainable business model. 

    Fairly Made:

    For us, being ethical means that all our products are fair-trade. Most of our garments have fair-trade certifications and offer consumers a tool to reduce poverty through their everyday consumption. We want to end workers exploitation and promote fair wages across the globe.


    All of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which means that none of them are made with any kind of animal products, such as leather or derivatives. We also don’t sell products that were tested on animals. For us, a product can’t be ethical if it’s not vegan. 

    Organic materials:

    Our commitment to sustainability means that we focus on organic textiles. These are better for many reasons - they are chemical-free, which means that they are better for the environment and for the health of workers and consumers.

    Recycling & Upcycling:

    We focus on products made from recycled/upcycled fabrics and materials. This helps reduce our impact on the environment as we minimise the resources we use, including the impact of negative energies and the usage of water and fossil fuels. 

    We also ensure that all material used, such as craft paper for our packaging and stationery in our office, is 100% recycled or sourced from sustainable materials and companies. Besides that, all of our deliveries are carbon neutral and we ship using compostable packaging.

    These are some of the certifications we value the most:


    organic clothing tops from sustainable marketplace

    What You Can Find At Velvety Ethical Fashion Marketplace

    Our vegan fashion marketplace has all types of clothing and garments to complete your closet for all seasons. From ethical clothing to vegan shoes to accessories and ethical jewellery, we’ve got you covered!

    Vegan Shoes

    In our vegan shoes collection, you can find the most amazing vegan boots in Australia, vegan flats and vegan leather sandals. All of our boots are made sustainably and are pre-order to avoid overproduction, and all leather used in our footwear is vegan! 

    Sustainable and Organic Clothing

    Our range of ethical clothing in Australia includes apparel and accessories from head to toe. From We only stock clothing that is organic, natural, upcycled, or comes from zero waste fabrics.

    From sustainable activewear to linen jumpsuits and organic tops and long-sleeved, just head to our eco clothing shop, choose your favourite items and shop without guilt. We also have an entire collection of ethical men’s clothing.

    Vegan Beauty Products

    We carry the best natural skin care products and cruelty-free cosmetics. We focus on brands with natural, organic and safe ingredients for your skin. From vegan skincare to body, nails and hair — here’s everything you need with the highest quality for your self-care.

    Ethical Accessories

    We have a range of accessories made out of sustainable materials and vegan leather. Here you can find the best vegan leather bags in Australia, as well as vegan wallets, backpacks and non leather belts. We also have a huge selection of cork wallets in Australia!

    red dress from sustainable fashion brands

    Slow Fashion Born in Melbourne

    Velvety is a vegan & women-founded business, by Lorena Estelle. An online store founded and managed by a vegan mum who loves spending time with her dog Ollie, her special little son with autism and her wonderful partner in life.

    Velvety is a slow fashion marketplace created in Melbourne. We mostly sell Australian Wide but also deliver internationally (with carbon-neutral deliveries).

    What Else Do You Need To Be Ethical?

    With a wide range of sustainable products available, we've got something for everyone. No need to keep searching for more eco-friendly online clothing stores. Whether you're looking for sustainable fashion or vegan accessories, we can help you make your next purchase more ethical.


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