Velvety and Upparel Partnership


Every year, Australians send an average of 23kg of textiles to landfill! If that wasn't shocking enough, The Salvation Army alone spends over $6 million on landfill fees for unsaleable, donated goods. We want to be part of the circular revolution, so Velvety has partnered with Upparel to help you reduce you textile waste!


What is Upparel?

Upparel, formally known as Man Rags, humbly began by recycling old socks and now has flourished into a Certified B corporation, that can upcycle almost all of our clothing and footwear!

"Textile waste needs radical intervention now. We need to dramatically extend product life and stop textiles from going to landfill. We need to move mountains, not make more." - Upparel, Our Story

We are proud to partner with Upparel and support their mission by giving you the chance to donate your unwanted textiles and recieve a gift voucher from us.


Donate your textiles and get a $25 voucher to spend with Velvety!

Have 10kg of your old clothing collected for just $25, and to say thank you you'll receive a $25 voucher to spend at Velvety!
Valid for 30 days from date of purchasing collection. Minimum spend $200. Limit 1 use per person.


Here's how it works:


Click here to book your Upparel collection.


Collect your unwanted clothes and shoes and make sure they're clean. Shoes need to be in pairs and in good condition. Please note you cannot send underwear and bras.


Pack your items, login to your account and notify Upparel of when they can be picked up.

Upparel's team will book your collection within 48 of your request and send you a label to print and attach to your package. A courier will then drop by to collect your package and Upparel will recycle or repurpose your items.

Find out more HERE.