The Best Sustainably Made Vegan Bags For Each Occasion


Bags are essential items in our everyday life. Whether we’re heading to the market, taking a day trip around town, or driving across the country for a vacay, it’s important to think about how our bag choices impact the planet and its inhabitants.

Luckily, there are vegan bags 100% animal-friendly and sustainably made, without a compromise on style and quality! 

What Are Vegan Bags Made Of?

We use bags for everything and with that constant use comes a lot of wear and tear. This means that not only do we have to consider what’s inside our bags but also how they’re made and what they’re made of when it comes time for a new bag.

Vegan leather, for example, is a very exciting development in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion. Harsh environmental impacts from textile dye production are avoided through this innovation, whilst also preventing animal cruelty. With so many talented vegan designers now incorporating vegan leather into their ranges, it has made finding high quality bags and accessories really easy.

Despite that, vegan bags can be made of a myriad of materials—not all of them necessarily sustainable. Some brands might use a type of vegan leather that comes from plastic, which might be better for the animals, but definitely not for the environment.

While we'd love it if every company could get on board with the idea of making more environmentally and cruelty-free bags, there are a few companies creating beautiful vegan bags that care about the planet, the animals, the workers, and the consumers’ health. These are the only ones we sell at Velvety!

Here are some of our favorite ethical bags for each occasion:

The Best Vegan Backpack: For Work, School Or a Weekend Trip



Wether you’re going on an adventure, carrying a laptop to work, or a few books, this is a bag that won’t let you down. It’s full of style, comfort, and pockets!

This is our favourite upcycled backpack. It’s made of recycled upholstery, which is a type of fabric that was previously used in furniture covers. It has an organic cotton lining and recycled cotton straps.

There are two pockets on the outside and two on the inside. The strap is adjustable and has a bronze swiveling lobster clasp. The back part has a large pocket with a zipper, which you can use for storing the phone, purse, and keys.

Brand: Numon

The Best Everyday Handbag


This sustainable linen bag by Seaside Tones is going to be your new best friend. Seriously, you’re going to want to take it with you everywhere!

The format and size is perfect to fit everything you need on a daily basis. And you don’t have to worry about it wearing out, because they are designed to be long-lasting!

Seaside Tones’ bags are ethically made in Poland, from high quality Baltic linen. 

Brand: Seaside Tones

The Best Vegan Crossbody Bag: Perfect For A Walk On The City


Who doesn’t love a crossbody bag? They can be great for festivals, the city, a night out… Ideal to carry all your essentials in one small and easy-to-access place, this vegan crossbody bag is very practical.

Most leather crossbody bags out there are made from animal based leather, unfortunately. But more and more consumers are stepping towards more sustainable, ethical choices and discovering accessories that are just as good, especially when it comes to recycled bags.

This bag is made from recycled PU vegan leather. With an adjustable shoulder strap, this crossbody bag has plenty of room for your long wallet, card holder, and keys. The gold-tone hardware is the perfect complement to your jewelry.

Brand: Thamon

The Best Vegan Tote Bag: Perfect For Shopping In Style


Who said tote bags can’t be chic? 

A tote bag can have a completely different look depending on what it’s made of. A vegan pineapple leather tote defines a fashion and ethical statement!

You need a tote with enough space for a laptop and workout gear, good quality for everyday wear, and easy style to make it your favorite thing. This pinatex tote bag is simple and has an interior pocket for your phone, wallet, and keys. The metallic accents on its cork-based straps are can be brass or golden.

Naturally leather free, this vegan tote bag from Eve + Adis is made from Piñatex™ – a natural material made from pineapple leaf fibres. While the leaves themselves are used for food consumption, any excess is sourced to make these luxury non-leather handbags.

Brand: Eve + Adis (Handcrafted by the founders in Germany).

The Best Vegan Laptop Bag: An Asset For Busy Weekdays

This is a very, very cool bag. It is not just made from recycled innertube tires but also has a seatbelt webbing! Having a seatbelt as a strap, this bag will set tongues wagging at the office.

This messenger bag is intended for men (primarily). It is substantial, robust, waterproof, and big. made from recycled innertube tires, upholstery canvas, and seatbelt webbing.

It has a 50cm wide webbing strap with an adjustable slider and a long velcro closure. It features a sizable internal pocket split into two parts. Even the largest laptops will fit.

Clive Street makes amazing wallets and bags for men and women. They create stylish and beautiful items reusing textiles with a past life, such as seatbelts or inner tube tires.

Brand: Clive Street (Handmade in Brisbane, Australia.)

The Best Vegan Clutche: For Special Events


A small bag adds a wonderful look to the right outfit — especially if it’s made of cork. These types of bags are perfect for a wedding, an anniversary or a summer dinner with friends.

You can choose to carry the Kiki Clutch as a clutch or a shoulder bag, since it has a removable shoulder strap. It's delightful for every occasion thanks to its adorable satchel design. And it’s made from a renewable material that is incredibly light! But most importantly, it is vegan-friendly and soft.

Each cork wallet has a distinct pattern and color that contribute to its individuality.

Brand: By The Sea Collection. Ethically made in Sydney from recycled cork.

We hope that these vegan and sustainable bags have convinced you (even more) that you can make ethical purchases without sacrificing on style, quality or durability! We have only scratched the surface of the bags’ world at Vevelty, so make sure to find your favourite on our ethical fashion marketplace.


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