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The world is changing.
The fashion industry is changing.
The way we create things is also changing.
Pinatex, a new revolutionary material created and developed for a Spanish woman, Dr Carmen Hijosa.

But what is Pinatex?

"Pinatex is a natural, sustainable textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves, which are the waste from the pineapple harvest. Because the leaves are the by-product of an existing industry no additional land, water, fertilizers or pesticides need to be used to produce them, so the raw material has a very low environmental impact compared to other textile crops."



What is the process?

"The fibres that make Piñatex™ come from pineapple leaves. The fibres are extracted from the leaves during a process called decortication, which is done at the plantation by the farming community. Furthermore, the by-product of decortication is bio-mass, which can be further converted into organic fertilizer or biogas."

"Both the extraction of the fibers and the consequent bio-mass will bring added revenue stream to the farming communities. The fibres then undergo an industrial process to become a nonwoven textile, which is the base of our material Piñatex™."

"The final step in the making of Piñatex™ takes place at a textile finishing company in Spain, where our unique finishing process is done before being shipped all over the world."





Is Pinatex 100% Cruelty-free?

"Yes, no animal by-product is used in any stage of the production of Piñatex."

"We have been certified as “Vegan Fashion Label” by PETA* and received their Innovation Award (2015), which was a first for raw material."


What about Pinatex uses?

"Piñatex is a mass-produced sustainable and versatile textile oriented to the following industrial sectors:





Where can we find bags made of Pinatex?

At Velvety, you can find beautiful Pinatex fashion items among other sustainable materials such as cork, cactus leather, leaves leather, apple skin, etc... 

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