5 Ethical European Fashion Brands You Can Shop In Australia

5 Ethical European Fashion Brands You Can Shop In Australia


Why Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion is growing, and thanks to that today we can find fully sustainable brands that care about the environment, animals, and their workers.

We are supporting a great cause and helping in a massive way to change the course of the fast fashion industry, towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, which in the long run benefits us all.


In this post, we will introduce:

5 Ethical European Fashion Brands

All these brands have something in common, they are all ethical, use organic or recycled materials and are produced in a fair way.


1- Seaside Tones

We Are Official Australian Retailers For Seaside Tones.

Ethics: Ethically made, minimalist
Category: Clothing
Based in: Poland

About them: Modern and minimalist, Seaside Tones is a family owned and operated ethical clothing business from Poland. They use high quality pure Polish linen to create sophisticated, timeless items that are perfect for every season and every occasion. Each outfit is designed to make you look and feel amazing and is made without any harmful chemicals. Seaside Tones is one of our favourite brands and we can't wait for you to discover them too.

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2- Mantaikotai

We Are Official & Exclusive Australian Retailers For Mantaikotai



Ethics: Ethical production, handmade, natural fabrics

Category: Clothing

Based in: Lithuania

About them: Mantaikotai is a small and ethical fashion label that creates beautiful linen garments. Their owner and designer Lina is also the main seamstress and makes almost every garment herself by hand, occasionally with the help of a small, local team of tailors. Lina is a huge lover of natural fabrics, and that is why she works with linen.

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3- Odalux

We Are Official & Exclusive Australian Retailers For Odalux.


Ethics: Ethical production, handmade, vegan, natural materials,Okeo Tex certified.

Category: Clothing

Based in: Lithuania

About them: Odalux are inspired by local linen savoir faire, quality Okeo-Tex certified linen and a rich history adapted to suit a modern minimalist world. Father, mother and daughter all contribute towards building this sustainable brand, with Yuri (father) as their designer, Svetlana (mother) as head of customer service and logistics, and Liana (their daughter) as the official brand photographer. We love Odalux for their beautiful style, colours and size inclusive range, offering from XS to 4XL.

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4- Nich

We Are Official & Exclusive Australian Retailers For Nich.



Ethics: Ethically Handmade, Vegan, toxic free

Category: Accessories

Based in: Ukraine

About them: Breathable and beautiful clothes made to make sure you feel relaxed. Nich, which means 'night' is associated with peace and relaxation, and each piece is ethically made with natural materials by their team of seamstresses. Nich uses certified quality linen and their range goes from XS to XXL, suiting a wide variety of bodies with their timeless styles. Each cut and seem is made to highlight your compliment body, plus, did we mention their dresses have pockets!?

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5- Armedangels

We Are Official Australian Retailers For Armedangels.


Ethics: Ethically Handmade, Organic, Vegan

Category: Clothing

Based in: Germany

About them: Armedangels make organic fashion for men and women ethically made in Europe. German brand creating fashionable clothing staples for all seasons. Armedangels work with the Fair Wear and Fair Trade associations to guarantee the best ethical practices in regards to workers and labor conditions. Fair Trade certified, GOTS certified garments and most of them also peta approved vegan.

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I believe nowadays, vegan and ethical fashion can be easy to find, but if you search for it, but ethical, vegan and sustainable (all values together)...it can be a bit more tricky, that's why when I started Velvety I strived to create a one-stop shop where ethical consumers could be sure they were making the best decisions when it came to respecting animals, the planet, and people.


Conclusion: Ethical fashion is becoming a growing trend and today customers in Europe but also Australia have access to sustainable clothing brands that are conscious of the environment, animal welfare, and their workers. In supporting this cause, we can help to make a difference in the fashion industry and create more sustainable options for clothing.


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