Top 11 Ethical Made-In-Australia Clothing Brands

More and more people are looking for ethical clothing brands made in Australia to avoid fast fashion. Shopping ethically can be difficult to navigate, but luckily there are a few amazing Australian brands that prioritise sustainability and ethical production. 
If you’re looking for Australian clothing brands, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 Australian Sustainable Made Brands. By purchasing clothing manufactured in Australia, you are supporting local businesses and ensuring that your wardrobe is not only stylish but also socially conscious.
Read along to find out what the best Australian women’s clothing brands are!


Tasi Travels 


Tasi Travels offers a unique blend of minimalism, practicality and style in their collection of Tencel garments for men and women. 
The Australian clothing designers behind Tasi Travels make it specifically for travellers who want to save space without sacrificing comfort or fashion. All pieces are ethically made in Australia with the environment in mind, using sustainable materials that are lightweight yet durable. 
Whether you’re on a weekend getaway or an extended journey, Tasi Travels has something for everyone. From tees and tanks to stylish dresses made in australia and jumpsuits, you can easily create versatile looks that will take you from day to night.

Wilga Clothing

Wilga Clothing is designed by Tamarind Croft and entirely handmade in Melbourne. Wilga pieces are made with quality natural fibres that are both breathable and comfortable, helping them last through multiple seasons of wear. 
The brand’s vintage-inspired designs provide a classic look while incorporating modern touches for an updated aesthetic. Wilga also focuses on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials whenever possible to reduce its environmental impact. 
With their stunning style and thoughtful construction, Wilga’s pieces can help you create the perfect look for any event or outing.

Clive Street 

Clive Street is an Australian clothing label that specialises in creating stunning wallets and bags for both men and women. 
They focus on upcycling materials, such as seat belts or inner tube tires, to create unique pieces of fashion. 
Each piece has its own story and character, making it a truly special item to add to your wardrobe. The designs are stylish and modern, perfect for those looking for something different from what’s already out there. With Clive Street you can be sure that you will have a bag or wallet that stands out from the crowd!

Keeper Denim 


Keeper Denim is committed to creating ethical, sustainable and stylish jeans that not only look good but do good. 
Their commitment to sustainability and ethical production ensure that their jeans are made with respect for the environment, workers and customers. They use organic cotton in all of their denim products and they use natural dyes that are free from toxic chemicals. 
All of their denim is handcrafted in Melbourne Australia in a manufacturing facility certified by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). They also offset their carbon emissions by investing in climate change solutions which makes them Climate Neutral certified. 
Furthermore, Keeper Denim gives back to the community by donating $5 from each pair of jeans sold to a non-profit organisation that helps families around the world get access to safe water and sanitation. 

Lionel The Label


Lionel the Label is a brand that celebrates sustainability and ethical production, inspired by coastal living. Their activewear and swimwear collections are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and practical for women of all shapes and sizes. All pieces are made from recycled materials and manufactured in Australia with precision and love. 
The designs feature vibrant colours inspired by festival culture that can take you from the beach to the gym or anywhere else you want to go. Whether you’re looking for a bikini or one-piece swimsuit for your next beach outing, Lionel the Label has something perfect for every occasion. 
They prioritise sustainable practices throughout their supply chain while ensuring each piece meets their standards of excellence in design, fit, and comfort. With Lionel the Label you can look fashionable without compromising your values.

Luna And Soul Active

Luna & Soul Active is committed to creating high-quality, sustainable activewear that not only looks great but also supports the environment. 
All their fabrics and materials are natural, eco-friendly, toxin-free, recycled, biodegradable and vegan. They believe in making a positive difference in the world by supporting small businesses and skillful workers through fair wages and fair pricing for their products. Their conscious garments are made with love and care in Indonesia and Australia by a small family business. 
The brand hopes to inspire people to be more mindful of their purchases when it comes to clothing as well as promoting an active lifestyle.

Luna + Sun The Label


Luna + Sun creates sustainable, ethical fashion for women of all shapes and sizes. 
Their collections are designed with a timeless aesthetic in mind, ensuring that you can continue to wear your pieces season after season. All their garments are made from natural fabrics such as linen, hemp, and organic cotton. The size range offered by Luna + Sun goes from size 6 to 18, so no matter what your shape or size you can find something that fits perfectly. 
Luna + Sun is also accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). Their clothing is made in Brisbane using local materials and suppliers wherever possible. This helps support local businesses while reducing the carbon footprint of the production process. 
At Luna + Sun they believe that sustainability doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or comfort – rather it's about creating beautiful pieces that will last for years while still being kinder on the environment.


Soelis is an ethically made fashion label based in Western Australia that focuses on slow fashion, sustainability and comfort for all women. The brand was previously known as Vikki Trims.
Soelis uses sustainable fabrics such as certified organic cotton and natural fibres, and pays close attention to the production process, ensuring it meets their ethical standards. Each item is designed with comfort in mind, so you can look stylish while feeling comfortable at the same time.

Sorella Organics 

Sorella Organics is an independent Australian label committed to creating ethically-made and sustainable fashion. Their collections are made in both Australia and Fiji.
All of their garments are made from certified organic and fair trade cotton, ensuring each piece is kind on the skin, kind to the environment, and kind to the farmers growing the cotton. They use small-scale production techniques to ensure quality craftsmanship and provide sustainable employment for their workers and garment makers.

Discover the world of Australian-made clothing brands

The ethical fashion movement is gaining traction around the world and Australia is leading the way with some incredible homegrown brands. Each of these brands are committed to creating beautiful clothing while also considering people, animals and the planet. 
Whether you're looking for sustainable fabrics, fair wages or production processes that don't harm the environment – there's something for everyone in this list of amazing ethical fashion brands made in Australia. So if you're looking to make a positive impact on your wardrobe, why not start here?


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