LIONEL THE LABEL is a brand that offers a unique collection of activewear and swimwear for women, inspired by the coastal lifestyle and festival culture. What sets Lionel the Label apart is their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Each garment is carefully crafted in Australia with recycled materials, ensuring that every piece is made with love and precision. As an independent brand, Lionel the Label is dedicated to making a positive impact on the fashion industry.


Surprising facts:

  • At just 24 years old, designer Chloe has not only created a line of handcrafted designs, but also a collection of accessories to complement her pieces. The story of Lionel the Label began when Chloe was still in school and chose home economics as a subject. It was there that she discovered her passion for fashion and went on to obtain qualifications in both fashion and business, using her knowledge to grow her brand. Since its establishment in 2013, Lionel the Label has been dedicated to providing high-quality products that make their customers feel radiant from the inside out.