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Top 7 Sustainable Made-To-Order Clothing Brands For Women


The fashion industry generates a lot of waste, from the production process to the end-of-life disposal of clothing. This includes fabric scraps and offcuts, water and energy used in production, packaging materials, chemicals released during manufacturing processes, and discarded clothes and accessories that are no longer fashionable or desired by consumers.

Fortunately, many conscious brands are coming up with solutions for this. Thanks to them, we are now able to buy the clothes we like without having a negative impact on the world!

One of the biggest recent trends in the ethical fashion space is made-to-order clothing. In this blog, we’re going to cover made-to-order fashion is and how it’s a sustainable alternative to traditional fashion, as well as show some of our favourite brands!

What is made-to-order fashion?

The term "made to order" is used in the fashion industry to denote a product that is made specifically for an individual customer. The customer may choose from a range of options or, when available, customize the design according to their preferences. The garment is then manufactured and shipped directly to the customer, rather than being stocked in stores.

Made-to-order garments are typically produced in smaller quantities than ready-to-wear items, which allows tailors and designers more flexibility when creating the pieces and ensures that there is no waste in the production process.

Since the garment is only created after it has been ordered, there will typically be a longer lead time from the time it is ordered and the moment the buyer receives the garment.


Why is made-to-order fashion more sustainable?

Because made-to-order apparel doesn’t use any pre-made stock sizes, it can be customized to fit each individual person perfectly without wasting any material. No mass-produced items are sitting in stores or warehouses waiting for someone to buy them, which allows people to shop when they want and brands to produce only when they sell.

The traditional fast fashion model involves producing a large amount of clothing that will not be sold and therefore wasted. This means that there is an excess of unsold items in stores, as well as in warehouses and storage facilities. In addition, some brands also produce unsold items to ensure they meet the minimum sales required by their retailers. All of these garments are ultimately discarded, which has a negative impact on the environment.

Our favourite made-to-order fashion brands



Nich is a brand that has breathable and beautiful clothes made to make sure you feel relaxed. Their pre-made clothing is ethically handmade, vegan and toxic-free clothing and accessories. All Nich clothes are handcrafted in Ukraine, in Kyiv. 

Nich uses certified quality linen, and their range goes from XS to XXL, suiting a wide variety of bodies with their timeless styles. 

Each cut and seem is made to highlight your best figure, plus, did we mention their made-to-order dresses have pockets!?

We Are Official & Exclusive Australian Retailers For Nich


Love & Confuse

Love & Confuse is a small, family-run business situated in Kaunas, Lithuania, that advocates the idea that women shouldn't have to choose between sustainability and fashion. 

Their mission is to create staple pieces made of linen, including made-to-order dresses that can be worn again and again for decades to come, without falling out of fashion. 


Simply Grey Life

Simply Grey Life is a small ethical label trying to make and improve things you can wear your whole life. All made by loving hands, with attention to detail in their small studio in Slovakia. Their garments are available under pre-order, being a made-to-order label.

They offer great quality clothing with a cause while you can still look and feel good wearing it. There is a story behind every garment, a story of people, their work, their joys, and their life.



Odalux is a family-run linen clothing company based in Lithuania that utilises Okeo Tex certified linen to provide natural, contemporary, and minimalist clothing that is available in sizes XS to 4XL.

We Are Official & Exclusive Australian Retailers For Odalux.


Wilga Clothing

Wilga is an Australian brand that creates one-of-a-kind, breezy pieces that can be styled up or down effortlessly and are at home in any closet. Wilga is designed and produced in Melbourne.



Soelis is passionate about raw, natural textiles and subtle luxury. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Aksana, who creates them to be cozy, classy, minimalist, and feminine while still being reasonably priced. 

Each Soelis outfit is designed and created in Perth, Australia, using linen that is obtained from ethical factories in Europe.

Made-to-order fashion at Velvety

At Velvety, you can choose from a wide range of made-to-order fashion pieces from all of the brands above and even more.

Since our partner brands will only start producing the items after they’re ordered, it means that pre-orders take at least 3 weeks to be made and delivered to Velvety, so you will only get your order after that.

Made-to-order fashion takes longer, but we think that it’s totally worth it to wait for a sustainable garment that will suit you perfectly and last for years to come. Isn’t that the beauty of slow fashion?


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