Sweatshop Deadly Fashion | Who Made My Clothes?


Where are your clothes made?

Have you ever thought about who sewed the clothes you are wearing? Have you ever wondered whether it was a woman, a man or a child? And what about if they work in a safe environment with fair wages and conditions?
Three Norwegian bloggers Ludvig, Frida and Anniken, decided to travel to Cambodia to see for themselves the truth behind sweatshops.
'Sweatshop' is a documentary series that will show you the hard reality we can't see from the shop floor where we buy our clothes. We are sure that this documentary and its touching journey will change your view on how the fast fashion industry works.

At Velvety,

We are against violating human rights and we ensure all the items we have selected for you are ethical, sustainable, fairly made and cruelty free/vegan. No people or animals are hurt in order to make the garment you will wear. 
Watch the whole documentary series below. Perhaps after this, you will think twice before buying your clothing and also perhaps, you will join the movement #whomademyclothes




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