Fast Fashion Vs Ethical Fashion

Fast Fashion Vs Ethical Fashion


Nowadays, fashion is on the news and unfortunately not for being considered a vehicle for creative expression. Today, globally recognised brands wash their hands of news like this: Only TWO of 59 Australian clothes brands pay 'living wages' to their workers.


There are many cases where children, women and also men are exploited in countries where the possibility of having a decent wage, does not exist. As you have read, "Only TWO of 59 Australian clothes brands pay 'living wages' to Their workers ... and just an extra 30 cents per t-shirt would help them make ends meet."



What does it mean?

Well, in my opinion it means that these companies only care about numbers. They do not care about workers, and believe me ... they do not care about customers either.

We also found, "75 per cent of companies don't know the source of all their fabrics and inputs." Well...if you think that this is not important, in fact it is. A clothing brand can not be considered ethical or sustainable if it is not able to care or invest in this factor.

Worryingly,  some brands deceive us and pretend to be something they are not. These are the brands that sell non certified organic products or the ones that promote local and sustainable designs when its production and textiles are made in a third-world country.

However just because a textile or product is manufactured in a country like China does not mean it cannot be sustainable or fair trade, but if it is... the brand should specify it, demonstrate it and promote it as such .



At Velvety we care about everything. We only select brands that are transparent and have the same commitments that we have. We sell fair-trade and organic products that come with the right certifications.

We also carry other small brands that recycle and upcycle old or left over materials to create new products. We endeavour to bring you cruelty free products at all levels to try and make the world a better place to live and enjoy.

You can see our range here:



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