Top 5 Vegan Businesses that give back in Australia

Top 5 Vegan Businesses that give back in Australia

If it wasn’t enough to go cruelty-free and produce vegan goods that we all enjoy, these top 5 ethical brands in Australia also manage to give a portion of their proceeds to transformative organizations fighting climate change, promoting animal welfare and doing good in the community.
Hopefully this list inspires other INC’s and LLC’s, showing that it is indeed possible to walk-the-walk and setting the bar when creating a sustainable future for us all.


man in a working vest jumping and clothes all around him, to illustrate the need for businesses that give back in Australia and use recycling and sustainable methods


Australia's first digital textile recycling solution, Upparel's mission is to reduce the number of textiles that end up in landfill due to massive garment overproduction and non-existent recycling and upcycling initiatives. As they continue to reduce waste in landfill and increase the lifecycle of all textiles, it encourages others to join through continued education and convenience. For upcycling to be successful and for the journey towards fashion circularity to be realized, we need companies like Upparel that make it easy and appealing for both organizations and individuals to participate.


Clothing items by AirRobe


Currently, the fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow so, AirRobe is tackling this urgent problem through tech innovation – creating a new way to shop and a new way to extend the life of your purchases. Their mission is to create a circular economy by building a network of designers, retailers and consumers who are transitioning e-commerce into re-commerce. Transition your shopping cart, and the fashion industry, from a major polluter to a model for sustainability.



Australian eco-friendly bedding company, Ettitude, produces a luxurious range of responsibly-made 100% organic bamboo bedding and loungewear – without the high price tag. The business also donates 1% of annual sales from its CleanBamboo lyocell bedding range to environmental organization 1% for the Planet. In 2021, they also partnered with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Customer support has helped them fund $100K worth of clean water projects in Nepal.



Australian Ethical Fashion store, Velvety, produces stylish linen dresses, sustainable clothing, vegan plant leather bags, accessories, beauty products and handmade natural soy candles. Velvety participates in rotating causes, such as donating 5% of weekly sales to Happily Heifer After Sanctuary, but also has joined the #whomademyclothes revolution by donating a % of profits to animal sanctuaries. Velvety shows us that slow fashion doesn’t have to mean going butt naked

Green dress by velvety — Ethical fashion in Australia


Sukin Natural Skincare

Australian-owned and Australian-made brand, Sukin, is in the business of creating beautiful skincare, for caring customers in Australia but also in New Zealand, Europe, the US and Canada! They are the makers of affordable, vegan-friendly, carbon neutral, natural skincare products. The business is also helping to protect the Great Barrier Reef by becoming a major sponsor of not-for-profit Greening Australia’s Reef Aid Program. Through Reef Aid, they work with the Greening Australia team & local land holders to restore their land and stop pollutants from ever reaching the Reef.

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’re feeling inspired to support ethical brands that are literally making the path forward on sustainable & cruelty-free living!


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