2 Melbourne Based Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands

2 Melbourne Based Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands


Want to support sustainable fashion and ethical clothing production in Melbourne, but don't know where to start? 

One of our favorite Melbourne clothing brands in Australia is Wilga.

This brand, founded in 2004, is all designed by Tamarind Croft and entirely hand-cut and sewn in the Kallista studio, focusing on minimizing waste. Their knitwear is made ethically by a small family mill in Ludhiana, India. They use post-consumer fabric bolts from remnant warehouses and op shops for their foraged range and use eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel, linen, and organic cotton.

Wilga designs beautiful, shapely, elegant, and versatile clothing inspired by vintage looks. Additionally, they are In line with Slow Fashion so that garments sold online are made-to-order, avoiding overproduction and waste. We love ethical considerations and decisions like that and wish more brands adopted slow fashion practices. 

They make black linen pants that are perfect for casual or professional wear. Form-fitting on the bottom with a flare is the perfect pant. They also have stunning pantsuits and crop tops. Organic T-shirts, yoga pants, face masks, beauty balms, and hair scrunchies! Wilga is a beautiful brand with many modern and timeless looks, make sure to check them out, and thank you for supporting Melbourne-made. 

Wilga white linen topWilga Red Linen Jumpsuit

The next brand we love to support is Nya!


Nya is an ethical clothing brand, sustainably creating limited edition print clothes. They ethically print and handcraft with love in Melbourne. Their prints start with hand-drawn sketches, combining a love of nature and a passion for vintage design. They have a passionate story we love highlighting.

The founders were disheartened by the devastating environmental impact caused by the fashion industry. They wanted to create beautifully printed clothing that was socially conscious and environmentally friendly. Nya is their way of making a difference. Also, Nya is inspired by the natural elements of Melbourne, “where the rugged bushland meets the wild waves of the Victorian Surf Coast.” Nya is fun and functional, with a lot of heart. Check out some of the pieces we

Did you know? 

150 million trees are logged each year to provide viscose fabric for the textile industry

Creating plastic-based textiles alone uses more than 342 million barrels of oil

The fashion industry contributes as much as 10% of the worlds global greenhouse gas emissions (Source: World Bank Org)

We didn't either! But thanks to these trailblazing brands, we are becoming more aware of our consumer choices and impact. Invest in clothing that aligns with your values and beliefs. The great thing about these clothing is that they improve over time and last a lifetime. Check out our blog post Loving on Linen to learn more.


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