The Best Ethical Linen Jacket Brands in Australia


These are the linen jackets that will get you excited for mild weather!


The weather is getting chilly. You feel the wind, but the sunlight is warming your skin — it’s one of those days that a linen jacket is just the perfect thing to wear! 

At Velvety, you can buy vegan and fairly-made organic linen jackets and coats from ethical brands. Whether you’re a fan of short or long jackets, here you can find the one that’s going to make you feel confident & comfortable. 
We sell exclusively ethical clothing in Australia from brands that are ethical, fair-trade, sustainable and vegan. Here are our favourite brands of linen coats:



Seaside Tones is a Polish brand creating ethical clothing from organic linen. Their minimalist dresses and linen jackets in neutral colour palettes provide a simple, yet bold and elegant style to rock in chilly weather.

They use organic highest quality pure polish linen (GOTS certified), and colour their fabrics without harmful chemicals, focusing on ethics, comfort and health for both their workers and consumers. This brand is a master of creating minimalist dresses that look chic and feel comfortable — just look at this marvellous white linen shirt dress!

From Seaside Tones you can also find kimonos and linen jumpsuits in Australia to bring you a fresh new look.



Quillan is designed in Australia and ethically made in South Africa. Quillan’s style is distinctive and artistic, using beautiful textures and colours for comfortable garments to suit any occasion.

Quillan focuses on using natural materials, such as hemp, organic cotton and linen, and they design timeless collections that can be worn year-round.



Nich is a European brand based in Ukrainian that hand makes linen clothes. The name of the brand means "Night", which is associated with peace and relaxation exactly the mood their pieces evoke!

Nich is an ethical brand that creates clothes that are breathable and beautiful. Each garment is made by a professional seamstress. Their linen jackets are available in sizes from size XS to XXL, but larger sizes can be made by request.

Elegant and minimalist style made with body shape in mind, to suit most occasions from day to night.

With so many wonderful options, the hardest part is to chose your favourite!

At Velvety, you can find much more than jackets and coats made of linen! If you love linen just like us, we have a broad selection of linen clothing in Australia


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