Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts Australia


The Best Mother

deserves the best Ethical & Sustainable gifts.

 We have put together a beautiful selection of natural, cruelty-free and sustainable gift ideas for the most special person...Mum!

And there is also an option for every budget!

1. For The Natural Beauty Lovers

Choose one of our Gift Boxes!

Each curated and hand-wrapped Velvety box ships as a special gift,

with a handwritten personal note and no pricing.

They contain vegan treats and indulgent beauty products.

vegan gift box

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2. For The Fashionable

Choose one an ethically made garment!

All our garments for women are ethical, sustainable and vegan!

Always made from natural, organic or upcycled materials.

seaside tones dress


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3. For The Eco Warriors

We love upcycling and love cruelty-free!

The idea of creating a beautiful piece from some leftover materials is brilliant and the best way to reduce waste! Not using animals for fashion is called kindness.

vegan bags

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4. For Candle Lovers

Handmade by Velvety in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Soy Candles are the perfect and cutest gift for candle lovers!


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5. For Handbag Dreamers

Discover the most sustainable bags at Velvety!

Vegan bags and handbags made of materials such as: Apple skin, Cactus leather, Pinatex, Leaves leather, Cork & Upcycled materials.

apple skin handbag

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