My journey from fast fashion to ethical fashion. Barcelona - Melbourne.

My journey from fast fashion to ethical fashion. Barcelona - Melbourne.


Living in the country, after a whole life living in the city, makes you see life from a different perspective.


Suddenly everything makes less sense, I mean. Suddenly shopping, wasting money on things that you believe you need but you really don't... loses its meaning. And this is not good, this is great!!

I've never been a materialistic person, but I lived surrounded by a world that if it was. Studying Image Consulting in Barcelona, helped me somehow to know what to choose, knowing oneself, and then buy what is made for you. But in any case, it helped me to be able to differentiate what I really needed and what I really don’t. 

Before coming to Australia, I felt many things in my life had to change. I did not even know where to start, but I knew I should shake up everything. Fortunately, at that time I was working for myself doing something I liked and somehow selling something that helped many people. But even so, in the end... I felt empty.

It all changed one day when someone very special came into my life and gave me the opportunity to move away, so I packed all my bags and from my lovely city Barcelona... I went to Perth, Australia.

Nothing was easy at first, a complete year studying English was not something I wanted, even if it was something I needed. However, this is not the issue we want to address, what I want to explain you is how a city girl with aspirations a bit insubstantial, became a country girl with clearer ideas :)



In Perth, shopping became something very boring compared to the number of options I had in Barcelona. So, although it was frustrating at first, I accepted it. Shopping stopped being my first hobby. Then came the stage of living in Melbourne, a flat in the CBD, with a thousand shops to visit every day... until every day were the same shops...

In addition, when you just want to buy a lot and cheap... the options are reduced. And then came the stage of moving to the countryside, where basically, there is not a lot of stores, and the ones you can find are not very trendy.

So I decided to finish here my adventure with fast fashion, I felt as if I were detoxified, and the best of all, it made me feel good and powerful. I started to get organized with the clothes I already had, and I realized it was not necessary to have more quantity, but had to focus on quality.

I do not take the first thing I see in the closet and I wear it, no. I select, I appreciate, think twice about how these clothes makes me feel and then I put them on. One thing is to have lost my desire to consume and buy something new all the time, but I'm still the same person, and I'm not against fashion. Only the fast fashion, which makes you addicted to buy and buy, and unsatisfied when you think you have nothing to wear...




- I'm now some kind of improved version of myself -


I'm not a new woman, I simply stopped being a prisoner of fashion to focus on more important things. Supporting another style of life simpler and more relaxed. Valuing more than ever eco-fashion, organic cotton garments, fair-trade processes, sustainable products... and of course free of animal suffering goods, I mean, vegan.

And in a way, that's how the idea of my online store Velvety came up. Always thinking of offering quality products to stay away from the slavers trends and moving to the side of slow fashion. Well, as I'm sure there are more people wanting to make the change, but society does make it very difficult... I know, I understand you! trust me, I've been there.


But if I wanted to give life to Velvety, it is to help you get out of this endless pit called fast fashion and delve together to a place where the sun shines... called ethical fashion, eco fashion or even slow fashion.

I hope that at Velvety you can find interesting and timeless products full of charm, the kind of products that can take a lifetime and do not go out of fashion, relying on quality and not quantity. I hope that with your help, I can gradually introduce more and more sustainable and ethical products to help people to take that big little step and you, like me, become the new generation of responsible consumers.

I am happy to help and happy to have found a way to make this happen :)

If you want to know a bit more about my ethical & vegan online store based in Melbourne you just need to follow this link:


Please, support Ethical and Vegan Fashion!!



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