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At Velvety, we are constantly on the lookout for beautiful alternative materials to leather and other unsustainable materials such as plastic. These substances are unnatural, cause harm and death and poison our earth.

That’s why we were excited to discover cork.





Cork is a natural "kind of leather" that not only does it look fantastic and last a long time, but unlike leather, plastic or microfiber, cork is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Cork grows in the bark of trees that live for around 300 years. Every nine years or so, the bark from the trees is stripped and cork is produced using a chemical free process. No trees are cut down to harvest the cork, which means that they can protect the soil from erosion and in some parts of the world even enable the habitation of endangered animals.

So at Velvety were immediately interested in carrying some more products made of this wonderful substance - a renewable product, 100% natural, fully recyclable and products made of cork can be expected to last around 20 years.

When you think of cork your mind might hear the celebratory pop of a bottle of champagne. However, there are many more uses to cork than as a wine stopper. Cork is also used as sound and heat insulation in houses, floor and wall tiles, woodwind instruments, shoes, cricket balls, fishing floats and rods and can even be mixed into concrete for a spongier finish. It is a very versatile substance and not only that, we have an overabundance of it – it makes sense that we should use this product whenever possible.

Recently, cork has also been used to make accessories such as bags and wallets, items that are now stocked by Velvety. The finished texture of the cork is similar to suede. It’s beautiful, light and yet extremely hardy and suitable for everyday use.


Velvety is excited to stock a few wonderful brands! A new brand and a new range of cork bags ethically made in Portugal from the brand Artelusa 100% vegan (Peta vegan approved) By the sea collection, and Bleed, all of them handmade, sustainable and beautiful. Make the switch today – you won’t regret it!



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