MOMOC shoes are proudly made in Spain, using mostly Spanish materials. Unlike other brands that simply assemble their shoes in Spain, they oversee the entire process from start to finish to ensure that Momoc shoes are truly Made in Spain. By supporting local suppliers, they are able to maintain a close relationship with them and visit their factories regularly. As advocates of the #fashionrevolution and #whomademyclothes movements, they believe in sustainable and ethical fashion, and strive to make a positive impact on the environment and the people involved in their production process.


Sustainability & Responsability:

  • Momoc shoes are not only stylish and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. These vegan shoes are made from recycled materials and feature an ecological microfiber lining and insole for a soft feel. Momoc is committed to sustainability and is always researching new and better materials to minimize their environmental impact without sacrificing quality. In addition to using sustainable materials, Momoc also focuses on reducing CO2 and water consumption. These shoes are perfect for any woman who wants to look and feel good while also making a positive impact on the planet.
  • Momoc shoes is committed to giving back to the environment and animal conservation efforts. With every purchase, 2% of profits are donated to non-profit organizations focused on reforestation, reintegrating animals into their natural habitats, and conserving animals that cannot be reintegrated. Momoc shoes collaborates with various organizations to make a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.




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