JAMES & CO was founded in 2012 and is based in Sydney, Australia. James&Co is a sustainable fashion clothing brand with a mission to end cruelty to animals. From day one, the brand has been PETA-approved and offers fashion products that not only look good but also do good for the environment, workers, and the animal kingdom. James&Co uses zero-plastic sustainable textiles and eco-friendly processes to create classic fashion styles with quality. The brand collaborates with innovative technology companies to develop non-toxic, non-fossil fuel, and non-plastic textiles. By the end of 2023, James&Co aims to tailor all its products in plant-based, plastic-free, sustainable, and biodegradable textiles.


Brand Values:

  • Committed to using only vegan/plant-based and plastic-free fabrics in their products.
  • The also prioritize the use of fabrics that have minimal environmental health and safety impact and are free from restricted chemicals.
  • In addition to their commitment to sustainability, they are dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention initiatives.
  • Their certifications serve as independent assessments of their quality and compliance with global EHS requirements. They hold their fabric sourcing factories and tailoring factories accountable by requiring them to acknowledge and adhere to their Supplier Code of Conduct and other relevant policies.



Enjoy their extensive collection of vegan bags and accessories, including their popular vegan leather jackets for women.