What to Consider When Purchasing Womens Workwear for the Trades Industry

What to Consider When Purchasing Women’s Workwear for the Trades Industry


The trades industry is male-dominated, with women only making up 3% in Australia. As a result, most workwear you purchase for construction work, plumbing, electrical, and other trades is targeted towards men.

When women enter a trade and start shopping for appropriate workwear, they might not know what will suit their needs the best and what they need for comfort and safety. If the time has come to start shopping, you might be able to narrow down your options with the following criteria.

Reputable Business

A business’s reputation for high-quality workwear can mean a lot when you start shopping for suitable outfits for trades work. For example, Workwearhub workwear is highly regarded for its competitive pricing, quality products, and fast shipping. When you know you’ll be well taken care of by a particular workwear business, you might feel more confident when making purchases.

Check out online reviews, and don’t be afraid to explore their social media accounts if they have them. If sustainability is important to you, see if you can find any information about materials used with the protection of the planet in mind.

Clothing Fit      

Men’s and women’s clothing won’t always fit the same. This means that you could purchase men’s and women’s workwear in the same size, and they would cling to your body differently. Keep this in mind when you start shopping for women’s workwear.

Pay attention to where the seams are and other features that might affect the fit. For example, some women’s work shorts have a mid-rise fit with a curved waistband to provide extra comfort around wider hips. Men might not have those same features because they typically have narrower waists.


Colour can sometimes be a key consideration when shopping for women’s workwear. You might be required to wear a particular colour by your employer, such as black or blue, or you might want something unique to stand out from the crowd.

The best workwear providers offer a range of colour options to suit your unique needs. They might have standard colours like blue and black, but they might also provide green and beige. Shop around, and you might even discover clothing and footwear manufacturers bucking the trend with unique colour schemes like pink and purple. 


When you’re working more than 30 hours per week or upwards of 1,600 per year in the trades industry, you can expect your clothing and footwear to wear out. However, premature wear can be frustrating.

When you purchase inferior garments with low-quality material, you can expect several issues within a matter of weeks or months, such as the stitching tearing apart, and holes forming in the fabric. Pay close attention to the materials and stitching used in the workwear you intend to buy.

For example, some of the best work shirts on the market feature premium-quality pre-shrunk cotton twill with UPF 50+, safety standards met, and twin needling. You might also find high-quality boots with cut and slip-resistant materials and technology to help the footwear withstand challenging Australian environments.

The trades industry might be male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean women can’t find high-quality workwear to suit their every need. Keep these factors above in mind, and you might find well-made, long-lasting garments and footwear to suit your daily needs.


Picture: Joe Holland


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