Sustainable Fashion Brands You Can Feel Good About Buying

Sustainable Fashion Brands You Can Feel Good About Buying


Why Supporting Ethical Fashion Brands Paves Way To A More Sustainable World 

When it comes to defining sustainable fashion, there are a lot of different interpretations that have ultimately caused confusion to what it truly is (and sadly, many take advantage of the commercial label without appropriately complying to its definition).

At Velvety, we understand that supporting sustainable fashion means taking a stand towards a more conscious and fair way of producing and consuming fashion, from the initial design to the final disposal. 

Sustainable fashion goes beyond a label and marketing campaigns – it is just, ethical, eco-friendly & cruelty-free. It understands the true cost of fashion and of making the right choices, not just prioritising financial gains above all else.




What is sustainable fashion?

Just to clear all possible uncertainties, let’s define sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion takes into account the entire life cycle of a product, from the sourcing of raw materials to the production process, to the end of the product’s life. It demands comprehensive transparency across the supply chain, work processes, and working conditions; and the compliance of fair wages for all those involved.

According to Hazel Clark, Professor of Design Studies and Fashion Studies, the truly revolutionary aspect of sustainable fashion is that it challenges the fast fashion paradigm by breaking down existing boundaries between the organisation and its stakeholders.

It slows down the production process to a more manageable timeframe, moving away from the self concept, and focusing on empowering workers by offering a choice that enables change.

We personally love this analysis on the matter because as a vegan business, respect and compassion are at the core of what we stand for – for animals, humans & the planet equally.


Why is it important to support sustainable fashion brands?

On the opposite end of the ethical fashion spectrum, there is what is colloquially known as ‘fast fashion’. This term often refers to the way clothes are endlessly produced to stay up to date to the latest fashion trends.

And if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, yes – some trends can last a week or so before there’s a new one. Can you already see how this is an enormous problem?

Fast fashion is driven by blind consumerism, which has been taught and promoted through generations as something completely normal and without consequence. In reality, it’s one of the primary causes of overconsumption and global contamination. 

To make it even worse, fast fashion relies on cheap labour and low environmental standards, which can harm people, animals and the planet.

As consumers, sustainable fashion is all about contemplating before we buy – Who made the piece? How were the materials sourced? What was the impact on the environment, the animals, and the people? What is the true cost of the garment?

The good news is that both individual and collective actions matter – the demand for sustainable and fair fashion have made it possible for many brands (and the humans behind the brands) to put their best foot forward towards a greener world by offering vegan fashion that’s sustainable and ethically made.


Sustainable Fashion Brands in Australia

Now that you’ve read about ethical and sustainable fashion, and how your individual actions matter, let’s get to the good part – purchasing from the best slow fashion brands in Australia! 

Velvety is an Australian-based one-stop sustainable fashion marketplace. At Velvety, you can discover stylish and always cruelty-free items sourced from worldwide sustainable clothing brands.

All our brands are committed to ethical and fair trade working practices so that you don’t have to worry about doing the research yourself. 



Sustainable Women's Clothing Available On Velvety 

From our cruelty-free shirts to pants, jumpsuits, dresses, swimwear, jackets, underwear and vegan shoes you can be dressed head-to-toe in ethical women’s clothing that is good for you, others, animals and our beautiful planet.


Some of our customers favourite brands are:

Luna And Soul

Luna & Soul Active is an Australian active and yoga wear label based in Melbourne. Fairly made in Indonesia and Australia, all their clothes are made by a small family business using only natural, eco-friendly, toxin-free, recycled, biodegradable, vegan and sustainable materials for their conscious garments.


Tasi Travels

Tasi Travels combines minimalism, practicality, and style. Tencel garments for men & women that are perfect for travelling and saving space! Their products are ethically made in Australia.


Seaside Tones

Seaside Tones Australia offers a modern collection with a focus on comfort. All fabrics are organic, coloured without harmful chemicals, and produced in safe and fair conditions. Ethically made in Poland. 


Browse our complete range of sustainable women’s clothing.


Sustainable Men’s Clothing Available On Velvety

You shouldn’t have to choose between looking good and supporting the causes you care about most. If you want sustainable men’s clothing but hate how difficult it is to find ethical clothing that looks good, your search is over! 

Here are some of our bestseller brands for men’s clothing:


Comazo’s Earth Collection offers attractive and well-made fair trade certified underwear for conscious consumers. Comazo uses only organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation. Based in Germany, their products are all ethically made in Europe.


Sorella Organics

Sorella organics is an independent Australian label. Their collections are made in both Australia and Fiji. Anna sources the softest certified organic and fair trade cotton ensuring each piece is kind on the skin, kind to the environment, and kind to the farmers growing the cotton. Sorella organics ensures a small, slow production and sustainable employment for all their workers and garment makers.

Earth Positive

Ethically made in India and manufactured using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. EarthPositive apparel was born to demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social, and ethical standards in the fashion industry. 

A single EarthPositive t-shirt saves around 7kg of CO2, and a hooded sweatshirt saves up to 28kgs of greenhouse gases!




Browse our complete range of sustainable men’s clothing.


Get your fashion fix from the best ethical and sustainable brands in Australia

Additionally to the brands mentioned above, we have a lot more waiting to be discovered by you –  clothing, handbags, accessories, beauty and our own handmade soy candles. Be confident that all of our products are vegan.

At Velvety, our mission from the start has always been that of paving the way to a better world. We dream of a responsible, ethical, fair, sustainable, but also artistic lifestyle. We move away from fast fashion, chasing trends and discarding ideas… And we’d love for you to join us on this mission!

Sustainable fashion is not just about what we wear, it is about how we live and how we can contribute towards making a change in our world.



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