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 Brand Feature - Seaside Tones



One of our very best selling brands, Seaside Tones, is the creation of Polish designer and entrepreneur, Anna Rutkowska. Run with her husband, Michal Rutkowska, since 2015, Seaside Tones offers unique, high quality and ethically made clothing inspired by the colors of the sea. You’ll find raspberry, olive, mustard, blossom, navy and many more beautiful shades of fabric in versatile pieces. The designs? All made by Rutkowska herself. The styles are very elegant but at the same time, the naturally wrinkled materials used work great as nonchalant linen shirts and dresses. Some of the garments are one-size only with unique ways to size for that perfect fit. They’ve managed to pull off a focus on chic minimalism that looks and feels so effortlessly cool and beautifully timeless. The linen they use is pre-washed which means it is soft and drapes beautifully.


See for yourself!


Seaside Tones champions a commitment to fair and safe working conditions for all staff. All garments are ethically made in a few small facilities in Poland with time-honored traditions and many years of experience. Some of their sewing shops are so tiny, however, “it is hard to even call them tailors”, says Rutkowska. All of the clothing is made of natural fabrics, mostly pure Baltic linen, and colored without the use of harmful chemicals. 


Linen is the strongest and most durable natural fabric. It has the incredible quality of cooling you during hot weather and warming you in the cold. So you could wear that linen jumpsuit just as easily with flip flops and a thin necklace in the Summer as you could with bold boots and a scarf in the Winter. The flax fabric itself is so long lasting that it can be used for many years. Linen dresses for every occasion, anyone? Flax cultivation doesn’t harm the natural environment, making it one of the most sustainable clothing choices in the world. Such a relief, since shipping for Seaside Tones is available worldwide!


Some of the words our customers are using to describe their Seaside Tones finds? They are things like: “Gorgeous, flattering, well-made, easy to wear, a relief to find, beautiful quality, feels good on the skin, everyday dress, stunning, fabulous colours and just awesome”!



On top of selling only natural and fully sustainable fabrics, as of last year they’ve also changed their packaging to compostable plant-based bags. Do you know what the difference between “compostable” and “biodegradable” is? In short, a biodegradable product simply breaks down into smaller micro-plastics which still contaminate the environment… Compostable products break down as if they were NEVER there and can also be safely eaten by worms because they are made from plants, not from plastic! Yum. 


Specifically for us, Seaside Tones Australia is proud to offer a modern collection with a focus on comfort, minimalism and neutral color palettes. Imagine yourself seaside, whether it be January at the Jersey Shore (USA, burr) or January in the Coral Sea (AUS, ahhhh).

Check them out on our collection page here



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