Top Myths about Vegan Shoes - We've heard them all!


New to the idea of vegan shoes?


Come on in, the water’s fine. In this blog, we'll be sharing information on how you can purchase vegan, ethical shoes in Australia & beyond, without sacrificing quality or style. We'll also dispel some of the myths and talking points about vegan shoes in order to help you understand why there really isn't a good reason not to purchase them.  

It is normal to have some questions about vegan shoes.

There are so many myths going around and people often feel confused. You might hear some of these myths and talking points from friends and family members as well. We want to change that. Why? For the earth, the animals and so much more! 

Firstly, vegan shoes are not just for hardcore vegetarians and vegans! Many consumers – especially millennials – are choosing vegan shoes to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize animal cruelty. It turns out that animal products requires much more land, water, and energy than their plant-based equivalents. Lush veg gear is also good for the earth because it reduces waste from leather tanneries whose effluent causes major pollution problems. Curious how you can make a difference with your feet? Check out our vegan shoe blog for the scoop on how this compassionate lifestyle change affects your wallet and the environment.


Myth: You need leather shoes to get the comfort and support you need from your footwear.

Fact: We now have vegan alternatives that are just as soft, sturdy, and comfortable as leather shoes.

Most people believe that animal products are the only way to make a shoe more durable or comfortable. But this is simply not true! There are many materials available for vegan shoes and vegan leather wallets too, including synthetic leathers, plant leathers, canvas, rubber, and even hemp. The key is to find quality brands that fit your budget and are committed to your satisfaction. Affordable ethical clothing in Australia has arrived! Like Solana, Bohema or HumanKind!


Myth: Vegan shoes are difficult to find.

Fact: Vegan shoes are available almost everywhere, you just have to know what to look for.

 Shoes can be made from a variety of materials, including leathers and animal skins, suede, nubuck and even down feathers. Some shoes even contain small amounts of animal byproducts in their construction. So if you're looking for vegan shoes, it's important that you do your research before purchasing them.

 Here are some pointers on how to find vegan shoes: 

Look for the V word on the label. The Vegetarian Society certifies products as vegetarian (which includes vegan) by using an inverted triangle with a green circle inside it as its logo — look for this symbol on any product's packaging or labeling. You'll also likely see the word "vegan" or "100% vegan" somewhere on the package's front or back panel.

Be aware that some companies use animal byproducts without disclosing it on their labels or websites — so always check with customer service before buying anything online! Or shop at a purely vegan business, like Velvety!




Myth: Vegan shoes are not durable. They will not last long.

Fact: Vegan shoes can last just as long as regular leather shoes with proper care.

Vegan leather is actually more durable than real leather, because it is made from a more reliable material that has been tested for years and is made to withstand the elements. The only thing you have to worry about is if the shoe is well-made, or if it was cheaply made with poor materials that will break down quickly.

Vegan shoes can be waterproofed just like any other shoe. They can also be water resistant with a coating or finish applied on top of the leather or suede material used in most vegan shoes.

In addition to being cruelty-free, many of these materials also have other benefits that make them worth considering over leather shoes. For example, many synthetic materials are breathable and lightweight — perfect for hot summer days when you don't want to feel like your feet are being suffocated by heavy socks or boots!


Myth: You cannot get good quality, stylish, vegan footwear. It is only for vegans and people who don't care about fashion.

Fact: Vegan footwear is high-quality and fashionable. It's for people who want to dress well while being kind to animals and the environment.

The biggest myth about vegan shoes is that they are not fashionable. This is simply not true. There are many stylish options available, from boots to sandals, from heels to flats, from casual to evening wear — whatever your taste or budget may be! Let us also just say that Doc Martens? They’ve always had vegan shoes, so the cool meter is already off the charts.

There are also some great brands out there that make shoes using only ethical materials, such as MooShoes (which has a great range of flats) or PETA's own brand of cruelty-free footwear called Vaute Couture (which makes trendy boots).

Vegan shoe styles include casual loafers, moccasin-style slippers and ballet flats. You can also find boots and athletic shoes made from synthetic materials.

You can get vegan shoes in any style or colour you want! There are even vegan boots, sandals and heels available if you want something fun and flirty.


Once you know how to choose vegan shoes, you'll wonder why choosing them wasn't a no-brainer all along! 

Change is hard, but it is also worth it. Whether you're a vegan or not, the choice to go cruelty-free into the shoe aisle is a good decision for our collective health and for your conscience. You could, of course, opt for a compromise and buy non-leather shoes made with synthetic materials instead. But just because they're not animal tested doesn't mean that they're sustainable alternatives to clothing and accessories made from animals. Synthetic materials in particular are best avoided for environmental reasons. If you're trying to make fashion choices that resonate with you, it's important to opt for leather-free vegan shoes wherever possible, but don’t stop there! Sustainable clothing brands made in Australia are here, just waiting to be found!


And just remember, you don't have to be vegan to shop for vegan shoes. If you're an animal rights activist, or a card-carrying member of PETA, you might already know that the shoe industry has a notorious track record for animal cruelty. The fact is most leather shoes are made from the skin of animals like cows and sheep, which have been treated inhumanely before being slaughtered, and the people that kill them for us? They typically develop PTSD from the process. Thankfully, this is totally unnecessary. Like we said before, come on in! The water is fine.

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