6 Vegan Gifts for Healthy Winter Skin

6 Vegan Gifts for Healthy Winter Skin


Winter can be a tough time for your skin and those of your loved ones. The cold, dry air and lack of sunlight make it difficult to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. The days are shorter, the nights are longer and it's colder outside too. This can have a big impact on our bodies, including our skin. 

So what is there to do?

First things first, one of the most important things you can do for your skin is drink plenty of water. Your body needs water to function properly, and it's no different with your skin. Drinking enough water will help keep your skin hydrated so it doesn't dry out or become flaky during the winter months. Search online for "daily water intake calculator" if you're someone who likes to measure!

Almost as important as what goes inside of you is what goes on the outside of you. We've put together some vegan-friendly products that will help you get through the Winter months looking and feeling your best!

Nourish your Skin by Applying these Healthy Finds

The extremes of the season can be uncomfortable, but you don't have to suffer through it! Here are some simple ideas for vegan gifts for yourself or someone else that can be applied to winter-stressed skin:

#1 Clay Masks

Clay masks are a great way to treat your skin in the winter months. The clay absorbs oil, dirt and impurities that can block pores and cause blackheads and acne. Clay also helps draw out toxins from the skin which helps brighten your complexion. Clay masks are especially good for oily skin as they help reduce sebum production which can cause breakouts. Making sure that you use a vegan product is important because many masks contain animal products like collagen or keratin which come from animal bones or horns respectively. Try this:


vegan gifts

#2 Face or Under Eye Oils

Another great way to keep your skin hydrated is by using a facial oil—it's like moisturizer in a bottle! A few drops of this type of product on your fingertips before applying makeup will give you an amazing glow that lasts all day long. Try this one that's specific to under the eyes:


vegan gifts

#3 A Body Scrub

Face or body scrubs are a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy during the winter months. But what if you're vegan? Is it possible to find a vegan-friendly face scrub?

 Luckily, yes! There are tons of options out there for those who want healthy skin without harming animals. You can even make them yourself—it's easy! Here are some ideas for how to make your own face & body scrub for yourself or to give as a gift: 

- Mix equal parts ground oatmeal and sea salt with enough oil (olive oil works great) to make it into an easily spreadable paste. This will exfoliate as well as moisturize your skin.

- Simmer grated carrots in water until they become mushy, then strain out the liquid and mix it with oil, lemon juice, and a little almond extract. That'll hydrate while also giving you anti-aging benefits from antioxidants in both carrots and almonds!

Or try these soaps that double as a scrub! Genius:



vegan gifts

#4 A Skin Brush

Skin brushing is a great way to help keep your skin healthy during the winter season. It helps stimulate blood flow, which helps reduce dryness and flaking. In addition, the friction from skin brushing helps remove dead cells from your body's surface which improves cellular turnover and reduces dullness.

How to do it: Start with dry skin and brush in long strokes towards your heart (don't forget behind your knees). Brush upwards towards your heart to help stimulate lymphatic drainage and promote detoxification; brush downwards towards your feet to help stimulate metabolism and circulation; brush in circular motions around any problem areas such as acne breakouts or ingrown hairs to help release toxins trapped within them! If you're still feeling cold after doing this, try using a warming oil such as coconut oil before starting so that it will heat up against your skin as you go along!

#5 Hand & Body Creams

Hand cream is a must-have during the winter months because it keeps your hands moisturized and soft despite the dryness of the air outside. If you have someone on your list who works with their hands all day long (like a carpenter), consider getting them a hand cream. They'll thank you!

Try this full body moisturizer that also works wonders on hands:



#6 Lip Balm or Scrub

Dry lips are no fun at all! A lip balm will keep lips hydrated for hours—it's perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors during cold weather (or even just indoors).

When you use a lip scrub, it helps to loosen up the flakes of dead skin on your lips so that you can scrub them away. It also helps to remove any dry or flaky skin from your lips, giving you a healthier looking appearance. The scrubbing action also helps to stimulate circulation in your lips, which can lead to better healing of any irritation or dryness that might be present on them.

Lip scrubs can be made at home using ingredients like sugar mixed with olive oil for moisturizing properties. You could also use coconut oil instead of olive oil if desired since it is known for its moisture-retaining properties as well as its ability to penetrate deeply into skin cells without clogging pores like some other oils would do!

If needed, apply chapstick after using your lip scrub so that it will keep your lips hydrated while they heal naturally over time without needing further scrubbing.

Try these! 



vegan gifts

In Conclusion: Do Your Research!

When it comes to buying healthy vegan gifts, we can all fall into the trap of buying something that looks or sounds cool, and not actually doing the research to make sure that it is a good product. Take time to verify exactly what you are buying—knowing what goes into your products that you buy for yourself and others will have a long-lasting impact on our health and well being!


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