6 Hobbies From the 2000s to Bring Back

6 Hobbies From the 2000s to Bring Back


Remember when flip phones were cool and MySpace was the social platform? The 2000s were all about terrible Y2K fashion sense, dreamy boy bands, and countless hobbies to keep us entertained for hours on end before our attention spans turned towards our phones. While we may have moved on to newer trends and technologies, there's something undeniably sentimental in recalling our hobbies from the start of the millennium. 

So, grab that dusty CD player and get ready for a walk through nostalgia. Here are 6 hobbies from the 2000s that are totally worth reviving! 

1. Friendship Bracelets

You’ve probably seen friendship bracelets trending recently, and that’s mostly thanks to Swifties rocking these DIY wrist accessories at Taylor Swift concerts. But the truth is that these coloured bands never actually left our lives — at least if you were growing up in the early 2000s. 

Whether you’re reminiscing about summer camps, or just missing spending time with school pals at someone’s sleepover party, making friendship bracelets is how we kept ourselves entertained and solidified friendships in our youth. It’s simple, it’s cheap and you can buy threads, beads and charms on eBay whilst racking up Qantas Points with Qantas Shopping as you do so. So invite a friend over you’re well overdue to catch up with, and make bracelets to give each other. They don’t take long and might actually be something that allows you to rest, relax and decompress after a long day. 


2. Rollerblading 

Rollerblading — the 2000s’ outdoor activity du jour! Put on your inline skates, blast your favourite mix CD (remember when you figured out how to burn CDs on Windows Media Player?), and get rolling. From leisurely strolls around the block to fancy footwork at the skatepark, rollerblading is the sure path to a good time. One of the best aspects of rollerblading is how easy it is. Unlike many other sports, you don’t need costly equipment or special training – just a pair of skates you can pick up at a local second hand store and some simple protective gear to keep those knees and elbows intact.

Not to mention, you can catch a few rays and burn some calories while you’re at it. There are also a ton of different blade styles, colours and patterns to choose from in 2024, so you can customise your wheels to match your vibe. Whether you’re rediscovering your youth or learning to skate from scratch, you’ll have a blast wheeling around.


3. Game Boy

Remember the days you’d spend your afternoons battling Pokémon, or stacking blocks for hours playing Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy? As online gaming has become the norm and Xboxes and PlayStations are the rulers of the gaming world, there is something nostalgic about spending a day doing nothing but playing your Game Boy.

Even as the world of gaming continues to grow and expand with better graphics, higher resolutions, and online multiplayer modes, sometimes, simplicity is the way to go. No internet connection. No need for updates every alternate day. Just you and your trusty Game Boy, with a pile of game cartridges beside you.

You can still buy a Game Boy and all its legendary games online. No need to visit a thrift shop to gamble your luck to find an authentic console — online sites have got you covered. Whether you want to play Pokémon, Mario, Tetris or save Hyrule in the Legends of Zelda, tinkering about on your Game Boy never gets old. So grab your console, power up, and prepare to lose yourself in a world of pixels and nostalgia.


4. Yoyo Tricks

Rewind the clock to a time when yoyo tricks were all the rage, and mastering the art of the Proyo was the ultimate goal. Yoyo tricks were the essential playground fixture that adorned every hangout hotspot after school, and guaranteed some street cred if performed right.

No matter if you’re a novice or an old pro, yoyo tricks aren’t over yet, and there’s something that’s just so thrilling about pulling off those impossible moves that defy gravity. So, get your yoyo out of storage, make your way to the local park, and get ready to show off your stuff.


5. Paint By Numbers

Remember the fun of filling in all those numbered spaces with colourful paint and seeing your masterpiece take shape, one stroke at a time? The popular craft trend of the 2000s has made a triumphant return in recent years for its therapeutic, easy-for-all-to-attempt nature. Something about following those numbered guidelines and watching your art take form right before your eyes is downright satisfying. 

Painting by numbers is a fun and easy way to relax and express your artistic side, even if you’re not a frequent painter. And given the vast number of designs available, paint by numbers offers something for everyone, from breathtaking scenes to cute furry creatures. Channel your inner Picasso with a paint by numbers kit and you might just discover a newfound passion for art in the process.


6. Rediscover Your Favourite TV Series

Last but by no means least, have you considered revisiting the classic TV shows of the 2000s? The likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Friends, and The OC were adored by many, and the characters and plotlines are sure to bring back some nostalgia. Rewatching these classic series has never been easier thanks to modern technology and the internet. These days, you can buy a box set of your favourite show with a few simple clicks, or sign up for a streaming service that gives you access to a vast library of classic TV content.

You could turn your trip down memory lane into a social gathering. Encourage your friends to get together, grab some of your favourite snacks, and immerse yourselves in the world of your favourite characters. Revisit Ross and Rachel’s romantic entanglements, or argue over which episode of Buffy is the best. Re-experience the shows that defined your nostalgia-filled childhood, now with the modern luxury of being able to pause and watch them on your own terms.


The 2000s may be a thing of the past, but the activities and hobbies of the age remain just as thrilling and meaningful even now. From getting together with mates to make some friendship bracelets, to mastering the latest yoyo trick, there's something undeniably comforting about revisiting the past.

Embrace nostalgia and bring back these beloved hobbies from the 2000s. You’ll create new memories in the process of reliving old ones, and whisk up some sentimentality from ‘the good old days’. Reliving elements of the 2000s is sure to provide a sense of fulfilment in these timeless pursuits.


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