5 Sustainable Fashion Brands you can shop in Australia

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands you can shop in Australia


Not all fashion brands are sustainable,

but at Velvety we are proud to only feature sustainable fashion labels and vegan products to make shopping your values, a simple experience. We are so lucky to be able to find ethical fashion brands in Australia and from all over the globe that are empowering women, using sustainable fabrics, and creating comfortable and stylish pieces to last you a lifestyle.


Here are 5 of our favourite

Sustainable Fashion Brands

you can shop in Australia and are ethically made.

To make life a little easier, we are using a pricing scale in this post so you have a good idea of the price range before clicking.

Price range:
$ = $50 – $100
$$ = $100 – $150
$$$ = $150 – $200
$$$$ = $200 and above

Seaside Tones


Product range: Everyday wear for women and men.

Price range: $$$

About the brand: Modern and minimalist style to suit every occasion. Seaside Tones is a European brand that uses natural fabrics and neutral colour palettes to create comfortable wardrobe staples. Each garment is ethically made in Poland with a simple style that stands the test of time. They use GOTS certified Polish linen which is renowned all over the world. The linen is also pre-washed, meaning it is soft and drapes beautifully against your body. All Seaside Tones fabrics are organic, coloured without harmful chemicals and produced in safe and fair conditions.




Simply Grey Life


Product range: Colourful and dreamy

Price range: $$$-$$$$

About the brand:  A small ethical label trying to make and improve things you can wear your whole life, not just this Autumn or this Christmas. Great quality clothing with a cause while you can still look and feel good wearing it. There is a story behind every garment, a story of people, their work, their joys, and their life.

Simple grey life only uses high-quality 100% washed linen. All made by loving hands, with attention to detail in their small studio in Slovakia. All their garments are available under pre-order, being a made-to-order label.





Product range: Luxury classic style

Price range: $$$

About the brand: OdaLux Linen brand is an international family-owned company, based in Lithuania and inspired by local linen savoir-faire, unique quality Okeo Tex certified linen & rich history adapted to the modern minimalist world. Each family member has their own unique role in the branding and creation process: forever young father Yuri is a designer, beautiful mother Svetlana is a head of the customer service & logistics process, and daughter Liana living in France is an official brand photographer. All ethically made. Their linen range goes from size XS to 4XL.






 Product range: Comfortable, quality womenswear

Price range: $$ – $$$$

About the brand: Quillan is an ethical fashion label designed in Australia and ethically made in South Africa. The founder of Quillan grew up in Johannesburg, a town in South Africa, so it seems natural that her business aims to support those who once supported her. Quillan focuses on using natural materials, such as hemp, organic cotton and linen, and they design collections that are tran-seasonal and timeless so each item can be worn year-round. Items such as the Luna top can also be styled multiple ways, to work with various outfits and body types. Quillan’s style is distinctive and artistic, using beautiful textures and colours for comfortable garments to suit any occasion.






Product range: Stylish day to night linen dresses and more.

Price range: $$ – $$$

About the brand: Elegant and minimalist style to suit most occasions from day to night. Nich is a European ethical brand based in Ukrainian that hand makes linen clothes. Sofia Kozlovska is its founder. The name of our brand means "Night", which is associated with peace and relaxation. And that’s the mood the label seeks to evoke with their high-quality linen pieced. Nich creates clothes that are breathable and beautiful. Each garment is made by a professional seamstress. The making of the perfect dress takes about 3-4 hour. All ethically made. Their linen range goes from size XS to XXL, but larger sizes can be made by request. 



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