VUXARI emerged from a deep-rooted desire to revolutionize the fashion industry by introducing designer leather-alternative accessories that align with ethical practices in manufacturing and materials. Traditionally, animal leather has enjoyed the status of being the preferred choice, while alternatives like polyurethane (PU) were often seen as inferior. However, times have changed, and with advancements in manufacturing techniques and growing public awareness, the world is gradually realizing that exquisite design combined with ethical materials can effortlessly outshine any leather product.

Based in Australia, they take great pride in crafting unique fashion pieces that showcase their creativity and commitment to promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle. Vuxari dreams of a future where the appalling and outdated practices associated with animal cruelty are consigned to the annals of history.

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Brand Values:

  • PETA-approved vegan.
  • Committed to using recycled materials whenever possible. Their range includes recycled polyurethane (PU), plastic linings made from recycled bottles (rPET), and eco-friendly packaging.
  • At Vuxari, they collaborate with partners who not only excel in their craft but also adhere to various sustainability and social compliance initiatives. These initiatives reflect their unwavering commitment to maintaining a work environment that meets the highest standards. Among the initiatives they embrace are the Business Social Compliance Initiative and SMETA/SEDEX, which guarantee:
  • No child labor / No forced labor / A workplace free from harassment and discrimination / Fair wages for both standard and overtime hours / A safe and secure working environment / Adherence to stringent environmental standard.
  • By choosing Vuxari, you become part of a movement that celebrates ethical luxury fashion. Together, we can redefine the standards of the fashion industry, promoting a future where compassion and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. Let us embark on this journey towards a more conscious and stylish world, where animals are protected, and the environment thrives.