LORNA MURRAY is a fashion accessories brand from Australia that focuses on ethical and sustainable practices. Lorna Murray collaborates with an approved team of artisans and craftspeople in Indonesia who create pieces exclusively for the brand, which has been built on traditional practices and age-old techniques. The brand also works with internationally certified production houses and craftspeople in Ecuador. Designing all hats and accessories in-house allows the brand complete control over the processes used to create the individual pieces, ensuring they align to the brand values and code of ethics.  In turn, Lorna Murray never over-produces quantities and creates only what is needed, reducing waste and the potential for unwanted items. The brand draws inspiration from rich craft-based histories, urban environments and natural landscapes and is loved by influencers and customers worldwide.  Lorna Murray is stocked in over 450 stores across the globe including Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, The Caribbean, the Middle East, Japan, China, South Korea and New Zealand. Lorna Murray hats have even been featured on the runway in collaborations with renowned designers and showcased at London’s Mini Mode Fashion Week. Lorna Murray’s distinctive designs are sun-safe luxe fashion statement pieces.


Ethics & Sustainability: 

  • Lorna Murray prides itself on using 100% natural materials for their grass fibre hats and accessories. These materials are grown organically without the use of harmful pesticides. The production process involves low-impact weaving techniques using both dyed and undyed fibres, with natural and industry standard textile dyes.
  • As a supporter of the Fashion Revolution movement, Lorna Murray values transparency and accountability in the fashion industry. They strive for a sustainable and slow future, providing their artisans with ongoing economic opportunities and support for healthcare and welfare.