CARIUMA is the cool sneaker brand for people with a conscience. CARIUMA has over 20k 5-star reviews and recently cleared a 77k waitlist. They make 100% sustainable and ethical shoes and have their own line of vegan sneakers. They also have a dedicated reforestation program based in the Brazilian rainforest. For every pair of sneakers sold, their team plants two of over 120 native tree species. To date they have planted over 2 million trees!


The DNA of OCA Low: 

  • Natural Rubber - Raw rubber is gathered from the Hevea brasiliensis tree via ethical “tapping” (removing a milky sap from its bark). 
  • Vegan Insole - Our signature memory foam insole is made from cork, bio memory foam & organic mamona oil.
  • Organic Cotton - GOTS-certified cotton—grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals—makes a durable canvas upper.
  • Recycled Plastics- OCA’s lining, laces, threads and labels: brought to you by recycled plastic bottles.



We love their vegan sneakers collection!