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All our bags are 100% vegan, fairly made & based on sustainable values.
We only stock products that are upcycled, recycled or made from natural materials such as cork, leaves, and Pinatex.

Finding just the right everyday handbag isn’t easy – you want to find one that looks good, holds everything you need, and will look as beautiful as the day you bought it even after years of wear. Add ethical values to the list of must-haves and the options can become pretty limited. Fortunately, Velvety has done the hard work for you and curated a collection of vegan handbags that are as functional as they are beautiful. From innovative materials like washable paper to a range of vegan-friendly leather alternatives, you’ll love the designs on offer at Velvety. 

Discover vegan handbags made from the better leather alternatives

Not all vegan leathers are created equal. While many brands now boast claims of vegan leather products, a lot are made from plastic materials and use unsustainable production methods, leaving behind a big carbon footprint. At Velvety, we’ve handpicked vegan and sustainable handbags from brands like Thamon, Seaside Tones, Arteusa, Clive Street, Lustra and Bare Instinct. We love these labels because they champion the use of leather made from materials like apple, cactus, leaf and cork, and upcycled fibres that would otherwise become waste. We love these leather alternatives, and they are just as robust and durable as the real thing while being cruelty-free. 

Shop the range of vegan handbags, Australia

Shopping ethically is easy at Velvety. We believe in slow fashion, prioritising the values that matter most and supporting labels that are making positive changes for a better planet. That means using vegan materials, sustainable manufacturing and ethical labour practices. In our boutique, you’ll find it’s simple to shop according to the values you care about. Our range of beautiful handbags, laptop bags, vegan clutches and vegan backpacks are designed to stand the test of time and last you from one season to the next. Shop our selection today and enjoy free shipping worldwide on purchases over $200.

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