Christmas Gift Ideas - Vegan, Ethical And Sustainable!


It seems we are fast approaching that festive season again, and in our opinion,

The best way not to be wasteful with Christmas gifts,

is to be thoughtful, to be prepared, and to take your time.

Taking the time to think about what the VIP’s in your life would truly appreciate, and keeping an eye out early, means that you will be able to finish your Christmas shopping well before December (avoiding the stress of not having your gift arriving on time) and when the 25th rolls around, you will know that you are making some people’s day that extra bit merry with gifts that would last.

We know 2021 has been a pretty hard year for most people in Australia and that receiving goods from online shops has become stressful due to long delays. However, at Velvety, we want you not to worry about deliveries and simply enjoy the experience of buying sustainably! That's why all our orders ship by our Express courier and Free+Express over $200.

Receive your goods in a maximum of 1-4 days average!

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Now here it is our run down of thoughtful, ethical and vegan gifts for the special people in your life… Or even an early Christmas present just for you.  


For the eco beach lovers


Swimwear shopping may not always be appropriate, and it is hard to guess someone’s size and style, but beach bags are usually always a great gift and a linen bag or a natural cork bag is absolutely perfect for the slow living, beach loving members of your tribe. Cork is super lightweight, strong and water resistant, making it perfect for the beach as well as the hustle and bustle of everyday.

 Thoughtful tip: Choose a size that suits their lifestyle. For someone who likes to go on day trips, choose a larger bag that can handle their water bottle and beach essentials. While smaller styles that fit fewer items like a phone and wallet are perfect for everyday or going to events.


For Mums & eco women

    Busy women & mums are always looking for sustainable accessories to help them run their everyday lives in an efficient & easy way. That's why our maternity collection is perfect for this purpose. Also, our new breastfeeding scarves and tote bags from Luna & Sun are ideal as a gift for Xmas. They are smart, ethically made, eco-friendly and affordable.



    For the eco travellers

    While travellers can be hard to shop for, since it’s useful to have less possessions when trotting around the globe, there are definitely a few essentials that both new and well- seasoned travellers will appreciate. A great gift for the traveller woman could be a multi compartments wallet which is great for those who love to stay organised, however smaller and light purses are also ideal. For men, these sustainable vegan wallets and cardholders made of leaves and sustainable materials would be also ideal! Or perhaps a backpack to carry around everything they need for a day out exploring. Backpacks can evenly distribute their weight, which usually makes them better options than cross over or handbags when travelling to save on back pain.

    *Please note: Items added to cart from this blog page will open in a separated cart/checkout than the ones added from our shop.



    For the soap lovers

    Soap, soap & soap! Who doesn't love naturally scented soaps and a relaxing shower or bath? Enjoy our selection including stunning beauty sets and learn how to switch to a vegan & cruelty-free home.



    For the comfort queens & kings

    While undies are already a classic Christmas gift, I think they are brilliant gifts in general! The underwear range from Comazo Earth is simply heavenly and organic! Comazo uses the softest GOTS certified organic and fair trade cotton to make sure each piece is kind on the skin, kind to the environment, and kind to the farmers growing the cotton.


    organic-underwearorganic underwear


    For the linen lovers

    While some women's clothing and dresses can be tricky to purchase for someone else, at least you know that person very well, there are two absolute must have garments/accessories for every linen lover. A linen scarf that can be used all year around available in 4 stunning colours.



    And a versatile & ethically made women's linen dress that fits most body types!


    ❤︎ Discover all our range of linen dresses!


    For the candle lovers

    Velvety Soy Candles is our own label and we focus on sustainable materials, scents and oils to create our collections.

    You can never go wrong with scented soy candles! There is one scent for everybody!

    *Please note: Items added to cart from this blog page will open in a separated cart/checkout than the ones added from our shop.




    For the ones who love a good vegan bag

    We will forever be jealous of those magical people who chose quality over quantity all the time! It is a skill we all should learn, because it is much better to own 1 fully sustainable vegan bag that many unsustainable plastic or leather bags...We think you will love our range full or pinatex, cactus leather, apple skin, cork, leaves & recycled materials!

    *Please note: Items added to cart from this blog page will open in a separated cart/checkout than the ones added from our shop.



    For the natural beauty experts

    Beauty natural lovers, LOVE discovering and testing new products that are kind to the environment and the animals. Velvety beauty products are all Australian made and 100% cruelty free!



    And last but not least…

    For the person who needs socks

    Unpopular opinion…socks are the best gift. I won’t buy socks all year long because I know I will receive a pair for Christmas.

    For this reason, we also believe that socks are for life, not just for Christmas. Even as I type I am wearing a pair of organic socks that are decorated with dogs wearing antlers… and it’s October. Not everyone is as tran-seasonal as me with their socks, so perhaps opt for a pair that can be worn year round. Plus they are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.



    However if you prefer...

    you can gift away a GIFT CARD!

    Let them choose what they want and you will always be right!



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