11 Perfect Christmas gift ideas that happen to be Vegan

It seems we are fast approaching that festive season again, and in my expert opinion, the best way not to be wasteful with Christmas gifts, is to be thoughtful, to be prepared, and to take your time. I have experimented with slow shopping for Christmas, and I have also rushed around during December sales, and I can safely tell you that the former is definitely my preference.
Taking the time to think about what the VIP’s in my life would truly appreciate, and keeping an eye out early, meant I was able to finish my Christmas shopping well before December (avoiding the stress and crowds, hallelujah) and when the 25th rolled around, I knew I was making some people’s day that extra bit merry with gifts that would last.
Gift giving definitely isn’t everything. In fact, each year my family and I try to downsize at least a little. But what has always been important is supporting businesses that do their upmost to fairly support their workers, make high quality items that last, and do the right thing by our planet. Velvety makes it easy to find all these brilliant, thoughtful businesses all in one place, which makes wrapping up your ethical presents (pun intended) a whole lot easier.
In case you need any extra help, here is my run down of thoughtful, ethical and vegan gifts for the special people in your life… Or even an early Christmas present just for you.  

For the beach lovers

sustainable swimwear australia

Bikini shopping may not always be appropriate, and it is hard to guess someone’s size and style, but beach bags are usually always a great gift. And a natural cork bag is absolutely perfect for the slow living, beach loving members of your tribe. Cork is super lightweight, strong and water resistant, making it perfect for the beach as well as the hustle and bustle of everyday.
  •  Thoughtful tip: Choose a size that suits their lifestyle. For someone who likes to go on day trips, choose a larger bag that can handle their water bottle and beach essentials. While smaller styles that fit fewer items like a phone and wallet are perfect for everyday or going to events.
Since shopping for men’s shorts can be a little more straight forward, these trunks from Tasi Travels could make a great gift. Tasi Travels is designed and made in Australia and doesn’t produce new products every season. In fact, they focus on creating key pieces and styles that will remain in season for years to come. These trunks are well cut, with a useful zip pocket on the back (great for shell or spontaneous litter collecting) plus they are sustainably made from recycled polyester.

For the eco travellers

vegan leather wallets
While travellers can be hard to shop for, since it’s useful to have less possessions when trotting around the globe, there are definitely a few essentials that both new and well- seasoned travellers will appreciate. A great gifts for travellers could be a multi compartments wallet which is great for those who love to stay organised. Or perhaps a backpack to carry around everything they need for a day out exploring. Backpacks can evenly distribute their weight, which usually makes them better options than cross over or handbags when travelling to save on back pain.


For the comfort queens

While pyjamas are already a classic Christmas gift, I think they are brilliant gifts in general! Who doesn’t like to slip into something cosy and veg out every now and then. The sleepwear range from Sorella organics is simply heavenly and comes in a beautiful range of colours. Sorella Organics uses the softest GOTS certified organic and fair trade cotton to make sure each piece is kind on the skin, kind to the environment, and kind to the farmers growing the cotton. I’m feeling cosy just looking at it!

And comfort kings

Sorella Organics also makes super soft loungewear for men. With shorts and full-length pants available, there are great options for warmer weather and colder nights. Plus, the feather grey colour makes them easy to pair with any comfy top making this a great gift idea for even the pickiest of gents.


For the sporty spices


While activewear can be tricky to purchase for someone else, there are two absolute must have accessories for every sporty person. A duffel bag to carry all their exercise gear, and muscle rub to help their body heal.
This duffel bag from Clive Street was handmade in Brisbane from recycled materials including innertube tyres and seatbelts. The duffel is smart enough for the office and is designed to be incredibly durable. Even including heavy-duty wetsuit zips that make the bag waterproof.
The Physic Garden’s muscle rub is petrochemical free and naturally warming. It used herbs such as comfrey, camphor, wintergreen & peppermint; plus shea butter to moisturise and help the rub to glide on smoothly.
vegan beauty

For the ones who love a good ethical accessory

I will forever be jealous of those magical people who can take an old outfit and use accessories to make it new again. It is a skill I have yet to learn, but one thing I know for sure is that these people can never have too many accessories. Something about them just #sparksjoy, which is exactly what a Christmas gift should do.
The ‘not square’ stud earrings from Summit Jewellery are made from recycled silver in Sydney. They are lightweight and a perfect addition to any outfit. Even the most minimalist of style lovers would like to get their hands on these simple studs as they are incredibly versatile and could be worn with anything from a ball gown to favourite veg out gear (some from Sorella Organics perhaps…)

The one who deserves a good pamper

We all know at least one person who has done quite enough this year and has earned a long hot bath. And if you can’t think of anyone, it’s probably you. The time has come to unwind and I know just how to do it.  
velvety vegan gift box
Velvety gift boxes come with everything you need for an evening of bliss (and many more evenings after since everything is full size!).
And last but not least… for the person who needs socks
Unpopular opinion…socks are the best gift. I won’t buy socks all year long because I know I will receive a pair for Christmas.
For this reason, I also believe that socks are for life, not just for Christmas. Even as I type I am wearing a pair of stripy bamboo socks that are decorated with dogs wearing antlers… and it’s October. Not everyone is as tran-seasonal as me with their socks, so perhaps opt for a pair that can be worn year round. For example, these pineapple printed socks are simple, stylish, and still have a bit of fun! Plus they are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
About the author: Chloe is an ethical lifestyle writer and video maker known online as Be Kind Coco. She loves cats and a good cuppa and is on a mission to make ethical living easy.

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