10 Vegan Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and this past year more than ever we have either been separated and longing for our partners, or pretty much stuck with them 24/7. Either way, you both deserve a little something for helping each other through the ups and downs of everyday life, and while love is not proven through material objects, a gift can go a long way to express your heartfelt appreciation for each other.
As always we want to make your life a little easier and have made a list of items we think will truly make their day, giving you some time back to think of exactly what you’ll write in their card.
Valentines Day Vegan Greetings Card

Whether you’re celebrating Valentines day with a lover or a friend (hello Galentine’s!) we hope you find the perfect sustainable something that fits your budget…



1. Hanami Make Up

Hanami creates amazing vegan lip sticks and nail polishes, their quality is top notch and we highly recommend them for great colour and staying power. Why not create a look for your partner by pairing a nail polish and lipstick together, such as Stormy Weather nail polish  and Villette lipstick.

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2. Black Leaf Leather Box Bag

I know, I know, a bag on Valentine’s Day isn’t the most original… But it definitely is a winner! We stock a variety of bags, purses and wallets to suit a wide variety of styles and prices. This leaf leather box bag is one of my favourites and comes in a few different colours. Plus, due to the nature of this material, no two bags are alike, giving your lucky lady a truly bespoke bag.

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Leaf Leather Bag

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3. A Little Blue Dress

This romantic summer dress is sure to be a staple for years to come with flattering waist and necklines, and a great length to suit most body types. The Lia dress is made with 100% EAC certified linen and is a medium weight. Great for everyday and special occasions.

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Linen summer dress

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4. Organic Cotton Shorts

For the man who loves to lounge (or perhaps needs a push to rest for a day!) comes these stylish and super soft organic cotton shorts. They are available in three colours, include two convenient pockets, and are made from lightweight organic cotton for an extremely comfortable fit.

Mens organic cotton shorts

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5. Voyager Shirt

Smart and casual go together like Tencel and hemp to great this classic shirt. Made for the adventurer and the great Australian outdoors, it is lightweight, durable and feels cooler than linen. Perfect for a long summer’s day.

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Tasi Travels Voyager Shirt

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6. Vegan Penny Necklace

A simple penny pendant, made from aluminium (which is lightweight and doesn’t tarnish) with an embossed message so you or your partner can wear a reminder and symbol of their values. Proceeds from this product also help to run a small pig sanctuary in the UK called The FellaShip Sanctuary.

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Vegan Penny Necklace

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7. Vegan Soy Candle - Baltic Amber

I don’t know about you but for me, nothing eases me in a good mood than a good scent. A few deep breaths and I am ready to relax and nothing compares to a soy candle. My partner and I both love Baltic Amber so that is my personal recommendation, but everyone is different so take your time to browse through all Velvety’s scents and think about the mood you want to create.

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Velvety Soy Candle 

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8. Bath Soaks

If you’re anything like me and jump into the shower each morning, you may have forgotten the soothing experience a good bath can bring. Take this as a sign from the universe to relax and unwind with this soothing mix of Himalayan salts, Epsom salts and botanicals that are sure to wash a wave of calm over your (or your significant others) body.

Full Moon Bath Soak

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9. A Treat for Two - The Bliss Vegan Gift Box

Since sharing is caring, here is something you can both enjoy. The Vegan Bliss Box is one of 4 gift box options at Velvety and contains everything you need for a blissful night in. You both deserve some calm and a good dose of TLC, so treat yourself to a warm bath with New Moon Blends Lose Yoself bath soak and enjoy a Chai Walli Relax and Unwind tea, then curl up together on the sofa with a good book, film, or conversation and sip on a sweet cup of Cinnamon Spice drinking Chocolate from Grounded Pleasures. And that’s only half the gift box!

Vegan Gift Box

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10. Velvety Gift Card

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